Mineral Springs Foundation

Mineral Springs Brochure

Information and map of Manitou Springs' mineral springs

Manitou Springs' Mineral Content Chart

A mineral content comparison chart of Manitou's springs

Manitou Springs' Generalized Stratigraphic Correlation

A primer on Manitou Springs' localized geology

Vulnerability of Manitou’s Mineral Springs Aquifer

Presented to Manitou Springs City Council 11/1/2016

National Cave and Karst Research Institute website

Research, Education, Stewardship

Living With Karst

Karst-related environmental concerns

Studies Relating to the Mineral Springs, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Completed in 2011 by John Shomaker & Associates, Inc.

NPS Educational Caves and Karst Materials

Educational and outreach materials from
kindergarten through college-aged students.

Mineral Springs Foundation

Comments on a Proposal to Modify Management of the South Rampart Shooting Range

Financial Feasibility Study

Proposed Mineral Springs Pool and Spa Facility